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Established in 2017, Rectangles in as interior design and construction company, passionate about creativity. Founded in Bahrain, the company aims to deliver innovative and practical solutions to their customers. They specialize in designing commercial and residential projects. With the teams diverse background and experience, they have been creating various types of designs, ranging from old fashion traditional to urban modern, classical and industrial designs to suit the needs and wants of their clients.

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An inspiring office space is the key to motivate and engage the staff. By designing a good office space, you can improve the productivity of the employee’s profitability of the company. Todays best offices are designed to reflect the expectations of the employee’s needs and ensure that they are feeling in their second home.
As humans, we respond to our environment and are especially influenced by light and color, with certain colors influencing your mood. The old-fashioned layout of identical cubicles is gradually
disappearing from modern offices, and for good reason. While originally designed to increase concentration, the nature of old offices have achieved the opposite. A change of décor and the
opportunity to have a break away from the desk to relax or take a break is beneficial for employees, allowing them to recharge and get ready for the next few hours of work. Therefore, meeting rooms, break out spaces, kitchen and dining areas are becoming increasingly popular, making workplaces more appealing and purposeful.


Housing is a basic human need and its quality; price and availability is crucially important to one’s quality of life. The location, planning, layout and landscape design of the house make an important contribution to the community spirit. The siting of the houses and the materials from which they are made, and the function
their occupants make of such resources as energy and water, all have major environmental implications. Thus, housing can be seen as the central element
which can link together economic development, the environment and social welfare in achieving a sustainable environment and society.

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Al-Qadam, Kingdom of Bahrain
P.O.Box: 60406, block 447, Road 31, building 221, flat 202

+973 33188170    |    +973 17281889

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